Anders Brasch-Willumsen Puts His Own Twist on 3D Design


Interdisciplinary creative talent Anders Brasch-Willumsen has spent over 10 years producing elaborate artistic designs and stimulating advertisements for brands like Carlsberg, InterContinental, Ninja Tunes and Byredo Hotels. Just last year, the design visionary was personally invited to speak at Airbnb's innovation lab regarding the nature of his distintcive career and obvious talent. As the founder of the Stockholm-based creative studio known as Studio Brasch, he helps bring a company's initiative to life with unparalleled design work and innovative imagery in motion. From campaign visuals for SF Design Week 2017 to CGI-rendered conceptual art for a fragrance label, there is literally nothing Anders can't apply a hint of brilliance to.


Whatever the project may be, Anders soaks it into his artistic soul and unveils a fresh take on the initiative through dreamlike, sensory and emotive imagery. "To me, the most important quality of a great image is that it makes you feel something," he tells It's Nice That. "It can be a concrete or an abstract feeling, maybe something you can’t describe – like a dream." Scroll through a handful of his surreal 3D renderings below and peruse for more!

Words: Vanessa Feder