ABSTR_CT Launches First-Ever Chatbot to Send Daily Art Inspiration Straight to Messenger


As avid art lovers, passionate design appreciators, loyal photography admirers and all around creative junkies, Unrated is excited to announce our official launch of the first-ever chatbot to deliver daily art inspiration. Meet the ABSTR_CT chatbot: your new at-hand art pal and digital creative cheerleader who sends you amazing new artistic talent, every single day! ABSTR_CT– another one of our artistic ventures– is a Los Angeles-based startup on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation of creatives by providing expertly curated content that is also easily consumable. This ultra-smart chatbot is our innovative attempt at infusing art into everyday life, conveniently available through Facebook Messenger. Instead of spending hours surfing the Web to find the latest and greatest artists, just choose a category and ABSTR_CT's bot will handle the rest for you!


Ever wanted to start your day with a burst of creative motivation? Or end your week discovering the works of talented artists around the globe? Let the ABSTR_CT chatbot cater to your needs. By using the chatbot, users have the freedom to pick whichever type of art they're interesting in learning more about and, just like that, will instantly be sent imagery and descriptions about an exciting new artist for the day. In order to appeal to everyone's diverse needs, we made sure to offer the option to receive notifications either every day, three times per week or just once per week dependent on preference. So what are you waiting for? Go on and tap into the ever-growing creative knowledge of the ABSTR_CT chatbot today!

Words: Vanessa Feder