As long as it isn’t illegal in the country you live in, I don’t think it’s an issue. Hajime Sorayama

The Wire

Are subcultures still as relevant today as they were before, or are we all just in a cycle adopting pre-existing movements?

Without subcultures where will mainstream be influenced from? Subcultures will lay on the outskirts of mainstream as a influence to the larger Zeitgeist of mainstream... To me its more how does a subculture define itself in this hyper connected world.

I don't think they exist in this generation from my experience. I think we are definitely in a cycle repeating trends.

I believe subcultures will always evolve and adapt, all the while looking to its past for inspiration. Old subculture will subside, but new ones with new definitions of what subcultures can be will be the future.

As long as there is a mass culture, I think there will always be subcultures for those who do not want to comply. On the other hand I think we will be surprised by the emergence of certain movements in accordance with the evolution of technologies.

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