I didn't know I was part of such a historical time, because everybody was an artist. Ricky Powell

The Wire

Are subcultures still as relevant today as they were before, or are we all just in a cycle adopting pre-existing movements?

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Hell's yes they''re still relevant! Of course Subculture's will continue to exist... If there's people, there's subcultures. It's that simple. We continue to create, therefor trends will happen, which will develop into aspects of cultures.

Vivian Hermanos

Not shure about the fact their still relevant, but for shure, subculture will always exist ! Will


People are out there trying to front that they belong in a subculture, but in reality, they don't know sh*t about real subculture. Cultural integrity is long gone...

Baptiste Moreaux

Every subculture are a reinterpretation of a closer movement and that's the beauty of them. Each epoch show another vision for a rebel soul.

Gianfranco Peña
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