I didn't know I was part of such a historical time, because everybody was an artist. Ricky Powell

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Who do you think are pushing the boundaries of the art & design world of today?

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Adam Martinakis ; his digital paintings are out of this world, honestly. Concerning photography, Axel Morin and Lauren Withrow have both developed very special - and astounding - artistic universes.


Collaborators. Similar to the recent Parra and Case Studyo effort, creatives and designers coming together who turn everyday living spaces into innovative and artistic spaces are the real pioneers !


Casa Plana - A small group of young artists and designers in São Paulo with the mission of preserve and promote the culture of small publishing in the citty. Year by year they do this amazing festival called "Feira plana" . It's trully inspiring.


Daniel Arsham (you guys have featured him). His Snarkitecture company is next level with their minimalistic set ups. He's pushing the envelope with his Relic stuff as well. Tom Sachs is also amazing.

Anthony Shimoda
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