Vice Launches Film School Initiative for Burgeoning Documentary Filmmakers


Vice and Panasonic LUMIX are joining forces to give rising filmmakers a chance to shine their creative light. The new multimedia initiative has been given the title, Vice Film School: a digital platform combining Vice’s long-established storytelling and documentary knowledge with top-notch Panasonic video camera technology to back it up. Focusing on captivating visual documentation through film, the Vice Film School aims to provide the tools, advice, and resources for UK-based creators to share their stories with the proper assistance.

So what is it really? Think of the new initiative as an accessible mix of advice, tools, and experiences thoughtfully laced together by professionals and fresh talents alike (sans the usual daunting woes of traditional film schooling). In their first module, the platform better explains its significance by claiming, “So, for the first time, people at every stage of the Vice UK documentary-making process – from Executive Producers to kit interns; from fixers to hosts – will be offering their advice, totally gratis, on how to make films that people need to see.” The WonderVisions Workshop program is just one avenue of the school; offering five lucky contestants and one winning filmmaker the equipment and funding needed to carry out their documentary pitch. Learn more about Vice Film School's various classes and resources here, and submit your own work to Vice’s WonderVisions Workshop here.  

Words: Vanessa Feder