Step Inside Vernon O’Meally's Psychedelic 'This Way to That Way' Solo Show


New York-based visual artist on-the-rise Vernon O’Meally brings viewers out of the everyday mundane and into an intimate kaleidoscopic world with his abstract paintings, sculptures and installations. His vibrant works of art connect sensory to visual, tapping into the various corners of life beyond tangibility. For his recent solo show, the multitalented expressionist painter blanketed the walls of ABXY art gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with his luminous neon works of art. The result? A rainbow dreamland touching the inside of your soul with light, color, and sound.


O’Meally’s This Way to That Way exhibit is illuminated by black light and accompanied by a mesmeric sonic offering, staying true to his experimental approach. Co-created by ABYX artist/founder Allison Barker, made in collaboration with artist Bryan Ellingson, and given an enchanting touch by the visual mastermind himself, the whole experience is sure to be a trip. Experience the psychedelic audio-visual installation for yourself now until May 29:

ABXY Gallery
9 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002

Words: Vanessa Feder