Tom Galle Takes a Stab at Turning Corporate Company Logos into Flashy Weaponry


Tech aficionado and Internet Culture specialist Tom Galle is an NYC-based digital creative blending contemporary tech influences with expressive works of art. By combining seemingly disparate ideas together and backing them up with an oftentimes witty avant-garde approach, he creates game-changing visual displays, webpages, products, memes, and performative compositions. In the past Galle was the guy who brought us a Netflix and Chill Airbnb room, and shoe laces that charge your smartphones. Now he's here with a series of corporate logo weaponry for your artillery. Yep, big company emblems just turned into products for self-defense.


For starters we have the "Nike Knife," a cutting-edge offering designed specifically to achieve the ideal swoosh slashing (an upgrade from SpongeBob's outdated hash slinging slasher). Second there is the "McDonalds Brass Knuckles": a dazzling and top-notch hand piece giving hand-to-hand combat extra grease and fast(food) delivery. Last but not least, Galle presents us with the "Facebook Crowbar." This final item doubles as a self defense mechanism and nail-pulling device, sure to grant you with plenty of likes, followers, and notifications. Be sure to check out these super invetinve brand-influenced gadgets below and keep up with Galle's long list of creations on his personal site.

Words: Vanessa Feder