A Luminous Gaze Into Toby Harvard's Neon-Lit World


Film photography emanates a rare aesthetic that is both soft on the eye and realer than life itself. Using film's authentic vibe to his advantage, London-based photographer Toby Harvard layers on the dreamlike elements of the outside world within his luminous 35mm captures, forcing the viewer to become entranced by light, color and a sense of awe. One scroll through his Instagram feed and you'll leap into a neon-lit world of wonder and grace surrounded by the warmth of its striking visual embrace. Not already one of Harvard's countless Instagram followers? Let us give you a taste of his vibrant masterpieces below.


With each uniquely crafted 'point and shoot' capture, Harvard turns the harshness of neon lights into muted sparkles floating in the smooth night sky. The screenwriter and talented photographer finds rainbows dancing within the dashboard of cars, between buildings and inside of shops/homes while using his camera to retell the vivid narrative in front of him. We have included some of our favorite shots below, but make sure to check out Harvard's website for hundreds of these glowing snapshots.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Toby Harvard