London's Tate Modern will be Exhibiting Jenny Holzer's Work for the First Time in the UK


For the first time in the UK, American artist Jenny Holzer will be exhibited at Tate Modern’s dedicated ARTIST ROOMS gallery. Part of a series of free summer shows, keys pieces across her four-decade career will be displayed starting July 23rd. Renowned for though-provoking, text-based installations, Holzer has incorporated a diversity of mediums within her work along with pioneering the use of electronic technologies. Drawing from a wide range of sources, Holzer often merges a multitude of unrelated, bizarre viewpoints to uncover the nature of human interaction and communication.


The London art galley has curated a collection the prolific artist's major works, pulling from Truisms, Living, Survival and Laments and others. Along with exhibiting the largest-ever selection of the artist's drawings 'Diagrams 1976’, three large-scale paintings created in collaboration with New York graffiti artist Lady Pink will be showcased. The exhibition will continue until July of next year. 

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: Jenny Holzer

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