Get the Inside Scoop on Shoe Surgeon’s Custom Sneaker School

Sportswear giants drop new sneakers day in and day out. As consumers, we pick out our favorite pair, sacrifice part of our last paycheck on our silhouette of choice, and slap those bad boys on for whichever occasion they best fit. But how many of us really know what sneaker construction and customization is like? Well there’s one expert in particular that fully understands the process start to finish, inside and out, and wants to share it with you: Los Angeles-based footwear designer Dominic Chambrone, aka Shoe Surgeon. As a hands-on learner and out-of-the-box thinker, Chambrone has taken it upon himself to extend his passion for shoe customization to a larger audience with his very own school.


Shoe Surgeon Shoe School is all about freedom of expression, taking pride in your craft, and forming community through exploration. Best explained in the video above, Chambrone started his shoe reconstruction and deconstruction business as a teen, and has grown to work for the likes of eBy, IKEA, and was even pushed past his limit making shoes for Justin Bieber. Watch the eight-minute flick above to get the inside scoop about Shoe Surgeon’s journey and learn more about what his new school is all about.

Words: Vanessa Feder