Sarah Bahbah's 'F*ck Me, F*ck You' Exhibition Hits LA and Instagram


Back in May, we admired Palestinian-born, Australian-bred artist Sarah Bahbah for creating compelling imagery permeated with junk food and naked girls while simultaneously providing an intimate gaze into contemporary youthhood. Now bringing her movie-esque photography and themes of love, loss and heartbreak to Los Angeles, Bahbah is showing her latest exhibition F*ck Me, F*ck You at the HVW8 gallery. Exploring the inner voice of women through subtitled imagery, her recent solo show quickly escalated into an Instagram sensation.


Highly relatable and easily sharable, Bahbah's meme-like film stills act as visual coming-of-age stories. While the photography is often of young women chowing down, laying in bed, guzzling down a drink or lying naked in the comfort of their own home, the text overlaying the imagery is what really ties the theme of explorative young womanhood all together. There is something so tender yet so realistic about the sentiment of wanting someone to want you or hating the problems brought about by having those icky things called "feelings." Scroll through some of Bahbah's humorous and down-to-earth renderings below and catch her exhibition in LA before January 21, 2018.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Sarah Bahbah