Princess Nokia Releases a New Visual Celebrating Cyber Goth Subculture

Fresh off the release of her pivotal, emo-inspired mixtape A Girl Cried Red, Princess Nokia is back with the new visual for standout track ‘Morphine.’ The music video, directed by Travis Libin and Destiny Frasqueri, supports Nokia’s artistic shift from her previous projects. When AGCR dropped, fans were shown a different side of the New York artists, a more alternative and angst-ridden collection of music that celebrates her bygone club-kid days.

In the newly released video, Princess Nokia is accompanied by a diverse group of ravers dancing on a NY rooftop. Donning colorful looks, the crew takes a couple seconds in the beginning to pay homage to the dance moves from the viral video of cyber goths raving around an underpass. It’s a fun-filled breath of fresh air, that reminds the audience that goth-emo-alt subculture is not exclusive to white people.

Words: Paola de Oliveira