The Latest Volume From Phaidon Maps Brutalist Structures Across the World


British publisher Phaidon’s latest book takes the reader on a journey on a first hand look at the brutalist structures across the world. The volume, titled Atlas of Brutalist Architectureputs the spotlight on the bulky and often towering concrete monuments and buildings found in the humid heat of Brazil to the snow-capped hillsides of ex-Yugoslavia. Although these grey forms vary widely, from sharp edges to, round smooth shapes, the themes surrounding each construction is the same, the use of cheap materials combined with function and severe design. 


The editors ensure the series includes lesser-known works by highlighting architects outside the canon and include the evolution of Brutalism from the historical to contemporary. The awe-inspiring and significant text, Atlas of Brutalist Architecture, is currently out now.

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: Phaidon