A New Wave of Manchester Musicians on the Rise


It never ceases to amaze me when the amount of musicians I come across from other countries aren't already poppin worldwide. In my opinion, British talents in particular have seen a surprisingly low crossover rate in the United Sates considering the immense amount of diverse and genre-bending offerings they've created in the same language dominating the Western world's booming entertainment scene. While we offered up a 5-artist list of female game-changers from the U.K. you should familiarize yourself with a few months back, we now want to turn your gaze to the city that's giving the country a new wave of sonic goodness: Manchester.


From the electronic waves emanating from singer Bipolar Sunshine to the intermixed sounds of trap/jazz lyricist IAMDDB, Manchester is taking the upcoming wave of music into their own hands. In conversation with DAZED writer Kamila Rymajdo, Manchester's "urban jazz" queen IAMDDB offers, "London is bigger and it has a lot more going on... but I feel like the vibe in Manchester right now is irreplaceable," with Manchester MC Sleazy F adding, "It’s happening now because we’re different...The energy’s different and no one can take it from us. It’s a new Manchester." To keep up with trap-infused musicians putting their Northern city on the map and in clubs around the world, check out their music above/below then head here to read Rymajdo's full reflective interview.

Words: Vanessa Feder