Parisian Photographer Marilyn Mugot Lights up the Night in Neon


There's nothing quite like having gritty shots of urban night life lit up under a vibrant and almost ethereal neon glow. If you've followed us for a while now, you'll already know that it's an aesthetic we gravitate towards. So it should come as no surprise that we've chosen to highlight the incredible work of Parisian Photographer Marilyn Mugot. Specifically her Night Project series that showcases an array of scenes, from grimy buildings and murky streets to haunting forests and more, all under those gradient neon hues we love so much.


Going through Mugot's images, you soon realize that there's much more than meets the eye; her shots aren't just chance photos, but rather a image that's meant to showcase everything in frame, from composition to lighting to color and more. This perhaps comes from her graphic design background, as well as her passion for cinema. Photographer came into the picture as a "means for her to realise her own scenarios with atmospheres she invents and imagines." Although night life shots aren't her only focus as a photographer–you'll need to check out her official website to see more work from her–neon colors definitely finds its way into most, if not all of her work. Check out our selection from her Night Project throughout, then be sure to follow her in Instagram here.

Words: Alexander Lendrum
Photography: Marilyn Mugot