The Mesmerizing Spirit of America's Vast Deserts Captured by Luca Tombolini


If you've ever been camping or have simply travelled through desert plains, you'll know that feeling of grandeur and awe you get from the appreciation of mother Earth; it reminds us just how small we are, as well as just how impressive the shared planet we live in is. Here to recreate that feeling is Milan-born contemporary landscape photographer Luca Tombolini, who travelled throughout America, capturing the spirit of its vast, open deserts. Officially dubbed "LS X" series, the new images serve as the latest chapter in an ongoing collection of "LS" series that delves into the philosophical understanding of our world's landscapes.


Speaking on "X," Tombolini exclaims that "The values of our civilization, that we all take for granted and into which we so deeply live, have little to say if confronted with the general principle of Life we're born from; all knowledge and crafts we've put together so far have absolutely no answers about how and eventually why this living experience has generated, nor can say a thing about what the place we're living into really is." Each LS series holds its own theme of trying to understand our place on Earth, our time spent here, where we came from and where we're going. While the images alone are well worth exploring, the meaning and questioning behind each makes Tombolini's work all the more fascinating. Check out "LS X" throughout.

Words: Alexander Lendrum
Photography: Luca Tombolini