Levi van Veluw Creates A New Religious Dimension with His Deep Blue Installation


The most beautiful part of inspiration is that it can come from just about anywhere. Whether it be a lived experience, a person, an object, a thought, a song, or even the unknown, the world is full of artistic stimulus. Multimedia talent Levi van Veluw, for example, took inspiration from the visual language used in various religious contexts. In turn, the installation artist formulated his own religious dimension through an all-blue sculpture exhibition dubbed "Veneration." While perhaps not the most common motivator, religious symbolism got Veluw's creative mind rolling.


Held at Paris' La Galerie Particulière, the fall showcase included the chapel installation seen above alongside a collection of charcoal drawings and sculptures pictured below. At the heart of the attraction was the Chapel; a box-like unit consisting of upright blocks arranged asymmetrically with a large open gap in the ceiling to connect the outer earth to internal spirituality. Let your eyes follow the various shapes, patterns and geometric structures and you'll find yourself mesmerized by the centered alter and detailed grid work that surrounds it. His drawn renderings and sculptures, too, lure you into the fictional religion that Veluw created in his mind. Browse through imagery from "Veneration" shown below and head to levivanveluw.com to learn more!

Words: Vanessa Feder