LA's BornxRaised and 424 Have Announced Their First-Ever Capsule

Wool Trench Insideout_Pueblo Hoodie.JPG

BornxRaised’s Spanto, and 424’s Guillermo Andrade are weaving their strong LA ties together for the first time in an exclusive collaborative project. Premiering at 424’s flagship store on December 21st, the capsule reflects both brand’s unique rich West Coast identities. By pairing 424’s refined tailoring with BornxRaised’s aggressive Venice aesthetic, the unisex range deliver’s the brands' signature DIY construction and strict adherence to authenticity.

Crucify Buttonup.JPG

Stand out pieces include a trench coat with a printed silk liner, an embroidered hooded sweatshirt and turtleneck, and a series of co-branded fleece pieces. After dropping this Friday, the full collection will be available online and through select boutiques globally. 

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: BornxRaised

Wool Trench Insideout_Pleated Wool Slacks.JPG
Silk Bandana_Pleated Wool Slacks.JPG
Crucify Buttonup 2.JPG
Silk Bandana_Pueblo Hoodie.JPG
Wool Trench_Pueblo Hoodie.JPG