Kendrick Lamar's 'Love' Music Video Hints Towards More in 2018

It's almost the turn of the year and while I'm excited to see what another one brings, the past is still just starting to set in. A bunch of questions come rushing to mind like, What were your favorite moments?In which ways have you grown?What music were you jamming to? The latter question, though, has a very clear answer. SZA, Kelela, Frank Ocean, Jay Z, N.E.R.D, Drake, Smino, but especially Kendrick Lamar. When DAMN. dropped, so did my mouth, my stomach and my heart. It was my alarm clock, my workout motivation, and my daily go-to album all year long. Kendrick consistently has a way with words that flutters over the rich musical elements within his songs and still manages to float out of your speakers and into your heart. That's exactly what I felt when I first heard "LOVE."


"LOVE." is a song that will forever bring tears to my eyes. There is something so heart-warming about the way Kendrick sings/spits about how much he appreciates the impact that his lover has made on life. That and Zachari's sweet-toned voice reciting, "Just love me." Now with visual accompaniment to boot, "LOVE." is beauty times a mili. The almost four-minute effort opens with a pinkish-purple sky gazing down at the ocean then later transitions into Kendrick and a girl going through an everyday relationship– from honeymoon phase to moments of solitude after a fight. If you watch carefully, you'll also see a shot midway through the video that shows a clapperboard with "B. Panther Soundtrack Coming Soon" written on it. Perhaps we'll hear more Kendrick in theaters during 2018. Press the play button in the feature image above to witness the glory that is "LOVE." and head here for more from K-Dot's DAMN. album.

Words: Vanessa Feder