KOHH Re-energizes the Japanese Hip-Hop Renaissance With his Latest Offering


Japanese rapper KOHH’s worldwide recognition has amassed greatly over the last few years, and it doesn’t come undeserved. From growing up in the streets of Tokyo surrounded by violence and drug abuse, to collaborating with Frank Ocean on “Nikes”, the young artist has fought hard for his spot within the music industry. Now with his fifth studio album release, UNTITLED, KOHH pushes the boundaries of hip-hop with this new project. Listening to the ten-track offering hints of rock and classical string surface, encompassed with his signature rapping style modified by genre-bending effects. Although those enthralled with the Japanese rap scene have been familiar with KOHH for some time now, this album may be the one to push him into the mainstream spotlight. Stream the newly released project here.

Words: Paola de Oliveira