Erotic (NSFW) Photobook 'MANEATER' Offers New Gaze on Feminism


Take inspiration from American Grindhouse films and combine it with a pulp steez, pre New Wave “Bath Art" aesthetic and a collection of provocative analytical essays and you've got yourself a publication worth copping. If you're into the mashup mentioned above, you'll be happy to know that such a compilation already exists! Thanks to Viscous LTD's latest offering of erotic photobook MANEATER, interested readers have the chance to delve deep into the ins and outs of sexual liberation and society's current stance with feminism.


Inside the 48-page publication, viewers will have the chance to admire the film captures from photographer Kirsten Bode and creative direction from Amy Hood intermixed all while reading engaging text within. Described as "a thrilling book of cult, glam-gore intellectualism" where the dominant woman will "lure you in and chew you up," MANEATER reflects on the historically submissive and vulnerable female narrative as changing into a more authoritative figure and what (for better or for worse) this could mean. The limited addition photo publication is on sale for pre-order now priced at $28 USD un-signed or $39 USD if signed by artist. Get a sneak peek of MANEATER below before adding to your cart here.

Words: Vanessa Feder