Another Look at our Favorite Neon Smothered Visuals from Elsa Bleda


There's something peculiar about Elsa Bleda's neon-drenched photography reminiscent of a scary movie that you can't manage to take your eyes off of. It's like you know something terrifying may be around the corner, but the foreboding aura sort of excites you. Traveling between Johannesburg and Istanbul, Bleda draws you into the subtitles of each city while giving them a dystopian allure. Perhaps it's Bleda's keen attention to detail or love for East Asian cinema that allows her imagery to have both a mesmerizing and haunting feel. These are just a few reasons why we've chosen to give the photographer's imagery another look and examine the magic behind her visual thrillers.


Here we have an image-maker sure to cast a spell on you. Paying special attention to the light, shadows, color and composition within her work, Bleda's cinematic photography sets the night on fire while luring you in a little closer. Whether it's the glowing city night streets toppled with intense clouds or the empty indoor shots of windows and doorways, the mysteriousness of her work never fails to ooze out and grab you. "From my favourite movie Blade Runner to Dario Argento’s gothic cinema and David Lynch’s elusive vision," she explains to Hunger, "there are so many works out there that appeal to my aesthetic." Follow the 28-moons-young photographer on Instagram after browsing through some of our favorite shots below.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Elsa Bleda