L.A. Based Artist Cleon Peterson Exhibiting New Show "Blood & Soil"


Launching on July 7th, LA based artist Cleon Peterson will be exhibiting a new show titled Blood & Soil in Downtown Los Angeles gallery Over The Influence. A continuation on Peterson’s exploration of the sometimes violent and chaotic clash of power and submission in our contemporary society, this show will feature several new acrylic paintings, bronze sculptures and one large-scale sculpture. The renowned artist is best known for his portrayals of violence, sex and drug use through bold graphic design meets Greco-Roman aesthetic. Peterson selects a strikingly contrasting black, white, and red color scheme to depict violence within our history and in modern-day. Within the vibrant chaos of his new body of work, Peterson warns against nationalism, populism, economic disparity and abuse of power. Blood & Soil will be open until August 5th. See below for a selection of works from Peterson's previous show The Shadow of Men at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photos: Cleon Peterson