Robbie Augspurger


Photographer Robbie Augspurger's retro portrait style is far for limited, looking at his work it is apparent that his creative undertaking is hilarious and brilliant, down to the very last impeccable detail. Describing his personal drive as "I like to think of what I wished existed, and then make it," we believe his artistic motivations can be argued as one of the most admirable. Augspurger's glamorous headshots so decidedly passé in both styling and format that you wouldn’t think twice if you found them in an old shoebox in your loft. Most notabley, you can find Augspurger's work for Balenciaga's recent Fall 2018 capsule collection, or as a contributor to Numéro magazine. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, you can find more of Augspurger's creative genius under his musical moniker Ozarks or his collaborative projects like Video Pizza.

All Images © Robbie Augspurger