Still buzzing from that egg nog? We don’t blame you. While you’re scrambling to organize your life, we invite you to fill up that new coffee mug gram grams got you and unwind just a bit longer to filmmaker Jim Craven’s new skate-flick Land. Starring Skater Tom Day, Zach Riley and Joe O’Donnell, Land is a quaint ode to the British countryside, where the lads have truly embraced the idea that there is no such thing as an unskateable location.

a beautiful display of Britain’s rolling green pastures, aged cobblestone and a montage of great tricks.

Land, which is in conjunction with Grey Skateboards, Emerica and Heroin Skateboards, is a beautiful display of Britain’s rolling green pastures, aged cobblestone, and a montage of great tricks. Please note, some of these tricks came at great lengths as well. For example, the boys often carried blowtorches and shovels just to attempt to ready a certain spot. Such as skating the very peak of water reservoirs, diving into drops that could easily snap a leg and skating through a load of water.


In an interview with Grey, Jim states that he “wanted the spots and the locations to speak for themselves, rather than trying to spice it up too much.” The end result was a dope escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of cities such as Manchester and London. When you’re done watching Land, be sure to check other vids that Jim and Tom shot together.