There’s hip hop, and then there’s Dutch hip hop. And then there’s De Likt, which is… how shall we put this?… a creatively alternative form of the rap-infused genre to put it politely. If we’re being blunt however, De Likt is fucking insane, and fucking brilliant. The Rotterdam-based music band consisting of rapper Jordy Dijkshoorn, and beats and synth members Giorgi Kuiper and John van Beek, is a fresh new concoction consisting of equal parts i-D Magazine, Die Antwoord, Mykki Blanco, Dazed & Confused, and then something we can’t quite figure out—and maybe for good reason.

Couple De Likt’s aesthetics with the creative direction of Max Siedentopf and you’ve got yourself something else entirely.

With a frontman that sports a hair-do that will make your grandmother moist, a mustache that will most likely get your old man to throw up from envy, a dapper style sensibility that should have appeared in every and all shows this past Men’s London Fashion Week, sporadic tattoos that will make your grandmother moist one more again, and a rap flow that will have your feet dancing before you realize it, De Likt is definitely someone to watch—be it in awe or in shock. But if that wasn’t already enough (which means you’re probably on a different wave length then most, so good on you), then couple De Likt’s aesthetics with the creative direction of artist/photographer/creative creator Max Siedentopf and you’ve got yourself something else entirely.

Siedentopf is without doubt one of this generations most brilliant low-key artists. His multidisciplinary art projects—which range from music video directing to photo projects and other video work—makes his work ever-entertaining, not just from its diversity, but in its bizarre yet relatable nature. So when the minds of Siedentopf and Likt get together, well… there’s only one way to truly see what we’re trying to explain. So go ahead and check out the videos found throughout, and we’ll wait patiently for either that love or hate mail to come in from subjecting you to such creativity.