“You can’t keep away from me. Stuck in my gravity. You can’t take me from me. “Stolen Identity” are the lyrics that Killy pours out in his latest single, “Stolen Identity.” While emo-rap has been making steady progression within the musical landscape, with names like Lil Peep on the rise, not to mention a good number of emo-filled tracks from the widely popular Lil Uzi Vert, but we’ve not yet heard anyone repping the genre from Canada, until now.

Killy hails from Toronto’s East End and has been putting out a slew of smooth rap over moody beats for about a year. While “Stolen Identity” isn’t his latest effort–you should definitely check out his wavy “Killamonjaro” track, along with accompanying video here–the daxz-produced two-minute record is definitely one that we’ve been playing on loop all day. The lyrics–as shown above–can fit easily in any emo-rock track from bands like Linkin Park or Staind. The song itself has Killy speaking about having his unique sound and aesthetics copied, hence the name. Have a listen to “Stolen Identity” above, and head here to listen to more from the budding artist.