Watch This Mega-Tribute To Studio Ghibli’s Founder Hayao Miyazaki

Director Hayao Miyazaki is a legend in the world of animation. As the founder of famed animation house Studio Ghibli, and having directed classics from Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, to Ponyo and Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki has become a true master at the art of storytelling. The multi-talented director, producer, writer, manga artist, animator and screenwriter turns 76 today, and as a special tribute, Studio Ghibli has put together a great compilation of the many works that Miyazaki has blessed us with. Though different in nature, each Miyazaki piece is tied in both look and the underlying parables the man teaches us through fantasy and mystifying worlds. From the Unrated family, Happy Birthday Hayao Miyazaki.