The Porsche is arguably one of the most popular racing lifestyle car brands to have ever tread road. From its size, to the consistent design and overall aesthetic of every iteration, down to the performance power and drive, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that won’t get into a Porsche. And while you’ll often be able to spot all sorts of versions and colors from the German company’s range of models, the five that are featured in the above video are guaranteed to be seen by only a select few… until now.


Porsche has done us all a favor by unveiling five of its most unique Porsche factory models, presented by Porsche’s Manager Of Historical Archives Dieter Landenberger. Included in this episode is 964 Turbo S, 924 Carrera GTS, 911 GT1, 911 SC/RS and 56 American Roadster, which sums up the first edition of Porsche‘s Top 5 series, which it’ll be rolling out in days to come that looks at different aspects of the brand, through highlighting the very top five for each. Enjoy the first episode in the jump above.