There’s something pleasingly simple yet absolutely captivating when it comes to lining up two juxtaposing split screens that work together as one. While one half of the screen depicts something, the other half showcases something totally different, yet there’s an unmistakable connection in the two. While it all looks easy, we’re sure the editing process and tenacious effort needed to align things precisely is much more than meets they eye. Coupling such visual stimulation with an amazing soundtrack, and you’ve got yourself a winner. This is the case with CASSIUS’ latest music video for their track “Go Up.”


The French music duo, consisting of producers Philippe Cerboneschi and Hubert Blanc-Francard, originally released the track in their 2016 album Ibifornia, which brings on the talents of America sings/songwriter Cat Powers, and the one and only Pharrell Williams for an up-beat electronic number that matches the split-screen visuals just as perfectly as the two synchronized screens themselves. Check out the Alex Courtès-Directed visuals (known for his work with the likes of The White Stripes and Justice to name a few) in the jump above, then head here to listen to more from CASSIUS.