Music collective and radio platform Soulection has been providing us with some of the most contemporary tunes for a good long minute now. As fans, we’re super proud and happy to see the progression the group have made to reach where they are today. To mark their 300th episode–an impressive figure to hit–Levi’s have provided Soulection and its co-founder/radio host Joe Kay with a sweet set up for him to present their latest set, as well as kick back with the friends and family that have supported the platform’s success.

Directed by Kyle Reyes, the video sees Kay talk about the journey both he personally, as well as the collective have gone through from the very beginning, with mentions of the many talents that have come through on the show, as well as Soulection’s own roster of artists. This is a must watch for any Soulection fan and listener, and to commemorate the occasion further, here are some lasting words from group: “300 episodes means so much love, hard word, dedication and most importantly, music, lots and lots of music. This is what we do it for. This is Soulection Radio.” Enjoy the video the 300th episode streaming above.