The weekend is here, and what better way to enhance your lack of work and life in general than to put on a fucking amazing, ‘it’s so great I can’t believe’ playlist. Well lookie here, we just so happened to have had such a playlist for you, curated specifically to your weekend needs. Entitled Soulful Melodies and Retro Rhythms, the new roster of tunes marks our eleventh edition of the Unrated’s Undiscovered series, which serves up under-the-radar talent that needs to be heard. For this edition, we’ve veered slightly away from our typical hip hop-ladened list by opting for artists that are more on the melodic end of the spectrum.


While not devoid of hip hop–in fact, we still kick things off with couple of smooth flows–you’ll soon be lead to tunes that carry a more retro R&B vibe, as well as contemporary sounds of neo-soul, electronic and the more experimental, taking you through an experience of highs and lows, from the more feel good uplifting number, to the sultry, dim the light tracks. With R&B/Soul songstress SUNNIE as our cover star represent all the beauty that you’ll find in this playlist, we hop you find your own beauty through the music. Enjoy Unrated’s Undiscovered 011: Soulful Melodies and Retro Rhythms above.