If you’re as excited about the weekend as we are, then you should already be three drinks deep. And we all know what pairs well with drinking: pizza. But also music, and that’s exactly what we have for you. Following a short hiatus stint as we focused on the myriad of other projects we’ve been cooking up, we’re back with our tenth edition of our Unrated’s Undiscovered playlist. For anyone just tuning in, this is were we feature a slew of incredibly talented musicians that are yet to be discovered by mainstream eyes. The ones that fly under the radar, but are well deserving of the spotlight.


For this edition, which we’ve dubbed A Little Summin Summin for the Weekend, we have an eclectic mix of genres, from hip hop and trap, smooth soul and R&B, to mellow AF lo-fi sounds and shaken up cans of energizing pop–a little summin summin for everyone. Feature on the cover of this post is artist BIA (known online as PERICOPRINCESS), who sits along a solid roster of the finest undiscovered talents to get you hyped up for the night out, and mellowed out for the morning (afternoons) spent in bed. Join us for our fifth (we snuck in a fourth while writing this) drink as we get numb to this playlist.