Movie critics can continue to debate Citizen Kane as the greatest movie of all time, but I, along with many would argue that there has never been a global force in the film industry like that of Star Wars. The movie revolutionized filmmaking; from the great production art of the late-great Ralph Mcquarrie, the symphonic masterpieces of composer John Williams, to the great cinematic production of Industrial Light & Magic. And yes, all you geeks and critics can complain about some of the acting and uh, George Lucas, but they too hold their own in the history of cinema as well.

In February of 2014, the worlds most cherished fuzzball Chewbacca, who is played by actor Peter Mayhew, released a special behind-the-scenes look into the daily life on set of the original Star Wars movies. The photos show a cheeky side that many of us have never seen before. Such as that of Luke Skywalker and Grand Moff Tarkin havin’ a laugh, rather than despising one another as they do so well on screen. Other shots show how the iconic opening credits were also shot.

2016 was a big year for the Star Wars franchise. The year saw the first spinoff movie Rogue One, released, along with the tragic loss of one our most beloved actresses Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia. From this Star Wars fan and many others out there, rest in peace Carrie, you are now one with the force.