Toyota Envisions A Truly Interactive Future With The “Concept-i”

Japanese automaker-Toyota has joined the exciting race towards the “car of the future.” Instead of providing another bland, autonomous driving vehicle, Toyota has placed trust and loyalty at the heart of its latest concept, dubbed the “Concept-i.” To start, the automobile’s exterior is truly stunning; a car that resembles a stunning sculpture that glides through the streets. The interior—though minimal—is equally as impressive, with its combination of flashy interfaces and dashing upholstery. However, the true centerpiece of this machine, as previously stated, is with the car’s UX.

“An automotive future wherein our cars can connect with us.”

The brainchild of Calty Design Research Center, the UX interface of the Concept-i, also referred to as Yiu, is a helpful buddy that not only assists you on the physical journey, but also the emotional tide you may be facing. Concept-i was built from an inside-out approach, where the manufacturers aim to see “an automotive future wherein our cars can connect with us.” In this future, car and driver are teammates, where the biometric sensors on the seats actually allows Yiu to detect what you’re feeling and in turn, makes adjustments to complement the overall experience.

Yes, this car too has driverless capabilities, but this is an exciting one. One that values the individual’s joy of driving and which in turn envisions a whole new paradigm to the world of transportation.