“I literally need to schedule in daydreaming into my diary, in which I close down the eyes and start imagining spaces.” These are the words of Australian artist Anna Carey to Monster Children when explaining the beginning process to her latest exhibition series In Search of Rainbows. It’s not a bad way to go about work, and in fact, I think we too need to schedule in daydreaming into our own work diaries. Carey may have a little more reason behind her sessions however, as her project recreates spaces of familiarity, yet at the same time are completely different and dare we say, dreamlike…


The reason being is that she’s casts each created space in a complete tonal color, with each room taking on a color from the rainbow’s spectrum. The result is an oddly calming and very pleasurable visual experience where each overtaking tone creates a drastic mood within the space, which we guess is why some people kick up such a fuss about choosing the right wall paint. Check out Anna Carey’s photographic series for In Search of Rainbows above, and if you’re in Sydney, Australia this month, be sure to stop by the exhibition held at the Artereal Gallery before it ends on April 29.

Artereal Gallery
747 Darling St.
Rozelle, NSW 2039
Sydney, Australia