To Build New Worlds of Light: Artist James Turrell Explains his Purpose

“As a child I wished to touch the light of dreams, and bring it before the eyes of day.” Pretty profound stuff coming from renown American light and space artist James Turrell, which he states at the beginning of his latest short documentary You Who Look, brought before the eyes of viewers by Academy Award-winning Director Jessica Yu for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Profound saying from the established creative comes as no surprise, given the works he’s put out to the world. If you’re unfamiliar with James Turrell, perhaps a quick jolt of memory by referencing Drake’s famous “Hotline Bling” music video, of which the 6 side musician copied Turrell’s work to use as the stunning backdrop to the vignette will do the trick.


Or you could check out the aforementioned LACMA documentary above to gain some proper insight into the living legend and his captivating displays of neon-cast colors, lights and thought-provoking uses of space. You know that when a person is saying shit like “to build new worlds of light, as powerful as the lucid dream,” their on to something, and that’s very much the case with James Turrell. So without further aduie, enjoy the film in the jump above, and make sure you check out more of the artist’s work on his official website here when you’re done.

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