Whether it’s from his high school charmer days in 10 Things I Hate About You, when he was valiant-yet-stubborn medieval man in A Knight’s Tale, or perhaps a controversially loving cowboy in Brokeback Mountain, or during his intense portrayal of DC Comic’s most notorious villain The Joker in The Dark Knight, it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t like Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. While the talented creative talent left us well before the world was ready to see him go, he’s still managed to garner a loyal and cult-like fan base, and so for any of you Ledger fans out there, here’s something that can perhaps offer but the slightest bit of solace.


Thanks to Director Derik Murray and American cable channel Spike TV, we finally get a biographical documentary aptly dubbed I Am Heath Ledger that looks at the character, career and everything in-between that made Heath Ledger the man we’ve all come to respect. The film is chockfull of archival footage both of Heath, and taken by Heath himself, who was known to be quite the camera enthusiast. With interview commentary by the likes of Ben Harper, Naomi Watts and Ang Lee to name a few, we’re certain this will be not just an insightful look at the life of the actor, but a certain tear jerker for any fan. Check out the trailer in the jump above, and look out for the film to premier at the Tribeca Film Festival this April 23, followed by a nationwide release in cinemas coming May 3.