There’s a good number of saying that promote the notion of us changing as people as we go through the timeline of our history. While this may be true in many regards, there’s also a lot of evidence that despite decades of years passed, we’re all quite the same really. To get a good comparative look at this we have the photo exhibition titled Unearthed, that places the work of Photographer Joseph Szabo together with Photographer Siân Davey, both of which have captured the essence of youth within their own periods and different countries, some 50 years apart.

To give you some background on each, Joseph Szabo, who used to work as an art teacher at Malverne High School, Long Island, used to document the livelihood of his pupils during the ’70s in a bid to have them engage more. This series dubbed Teenage continued for 25 years, which allowed Szabo to witness their growth from adolescence into adulthood. For Siân Davey, she started a modern day series entitled Martha, named after her teenage stepdaughter daughter, who played muse to the series that presents a candid and compelling look at their relationship and life as a teen in rural Devon, UK. Now in this new exhibition hosted at London’s Michael Hoppen Gallery this week, we get to see two bodies of work side-by-side. Check out a few examples in the galleries above (Szabo above the jump, and Davies below that), and if you’re in London between now and May 20, be sure to head in to check it out in person.

Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Pl, Chelsea, London SW3 3TD, UK