The end of the Thatcherism saw a drastic shift if many sub-cultures stemming from the United Kingdom, then onwards to other parts of the world. This was during the late ’80s and into the ’90s, where youth culture started developing into realms consisting of ravers, clubbers, a new style of hippie and new age travellers. This was the new outsider youth movement, and it was prevalent everywhere. And thanks to the keen eye of photographer Matthew Smith, we’re now privy to glimpse at what went down back when kids were dancing in mud, popping pills to strobes and channeling their anger and revolt in ways that can be easily called “that’s so ’80s/that’s so ’90s.”


The series of images by Smith that documented this movement now lives in his upcoming photo book titled Exist to Resist, which saw its production entirely thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. The purpose of the book, aside from being an awesome coffee table accompaniment, serves as a reminder of what was, in order to better what’s to become. As Smith puts it in an interview with i-D mag, “The basic idea behind the project is that we believe that photography has the power to show people how things were in order to see how the future is evolving.” Check out a few excerpts from Exist to Resist in the gallery above.