In a time before the modern art movement, well before graffiti became a target for mainstream consumerism, there were a select few artists that where secretly, silently tagging away under the shadows of New York City. This was back in the ’70s, and one such artist was Flint Gennari. In an interview with Dazed Digital, we’re made privy to what went down during those times, with Gennari stating “In the ‘70s, someone in the culture could spot another writer easily. We were all going on missions. We dressed a certain way, had a bag or knapsack to hold paint, ink on our hands, etc.”

Gennari goes on to explain his own story, where he use to write under the moniker FLINT–a homage to his idol at the time, PRAY, who would make a name for himself with the synonymous tag. FLINT was just one of a handful of other artists, such as TRACY 168, PISTOL 1, STEVE 61, SHASTA, FUZZ 1, SHADOW, BOMB 1. He even came across news of another writer under the name SAMO©, who as you may very well be aware is legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. “People told me about SAMO©. I was not aware of many things; it’s just the way I am. I’m so involved in what I am doing that I miss a lot. I remember Al Diaz trying to tell me about it. I said “Sam-o” and he said “Same-o, meaning ‘same old shit.” Head here to read the rest of the interview, and check out the visuals from this golden era of graffiti throughout.