Iconic British music group Gorillaz aren’t just back after their lengthy hiatus, they’re like… back back. It’s one thing to come out with new music, but to drop a highly acclaimed new full-length album while developing a VR app and to now appear on camera for an interview for the first time ever… that’s a pretty epic mark of a come back. Regarded as the “online event of the century,” band members 2D and Murdoc appear on the couch next to BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam for an in-depth interview that covers everything from twerking and Donald Trump, to previewing a new track with the one and only Grace Jones.

gorillaz-mista-jam-on-camera-interview (2 of 2)

As you would have expected, the Gorillaz vocalist and bassist are indeed animated and very much in character, but brilliantly executed where we would have it no other way. The interview itself is hosted on Telekom Electronic Beats’ YouTube space, and is a good half an hour-long session, and even has the band’s percussionist Russel Hobbs joining in by way of telephone call. Going through a captivating slew of topics, the video interview is a definite must-watch for any Gorillaz fan. Enjoy it in the jump above, and prepare yourself for the band’s new album Humanz to drop this April 28.