Countercultures are often the elements that will define how we remember a place. Each country and city has its own fair share, many diverse in what makes them a sub-culture, and many that have adopted from likewise scenes. While the western world is definitely one for its sub-cultures, Britain is arguably its forefather, having spurred on adaptations and mutations of its countercultures the world over. To celebrate such richness, London-based non-profit organisation YOUTH CLUB has decided to put on a photo exhibition that showcases the UK’s most defining sub-cultures.

Entitled Unite and Take Over, the show will feature everything from the ’80s rave scene, to East London’s grime movement of the 2000s, with works from notable creatives such as Dave Swindells, Gavin Watson, Normski and Molly Macindoe to name just a few. For anyone that plays a part in sub-cultures, this is definitely the exhibition you’ll want to check out. Unite and Take Over will be running through to June 2, located at the Camden Stables Market, where the venue will also function as an “adult youth club” with vintage arcade games, music, table tennis, and serving old school snacks and drinks–a real blast from the past experience. Head here to find out more.