This Custom Moto Guzzi is the Perfect Mix of Modern and Vintage Appeal

Kimberly B. Johnson

Hamburg, Germany-based garage Kaffeemaschine has created a custom- built Moto Guzzi which consists of a perfect balance between retro and contemporary influence. Built by owner Axel Budde, he constructed the bike with his three-year-old daughter Tilly in mind. Taking his daughter’s forthcoming driving years into consideration, Budde has created a machine that is timeless, capable of turning heads in the past, present and future.


The only original components left on Budde’s Guzzi Custom KM 19 are the rubber carburetor flanges; every other part of the bike has been modified or improved in some way.“KM 19 started with a double duplex brake from a V7 850,” says Budde. “I liked the idea of building a relaxed, all-day ride for myself, using that brake in the front—and a rear drum brake from an 850T, so that the horizontal fins are exactly the same front and back.”

Budde is regarded as one of the world’s top Moto Guzzi customizers, typically paying an obsessive level of attention to his projects to create exactly what he’s going for. “My intention was to achieve a very clean and sober look,” he explains. The frame of his KM 19 comes from a heavily modified 850T while the engine and transmission come from a 1000 SP tourer and are completely rebuilt. Additionally he adds, “I widened the intakes to fit 36mm Dell’Ortos. It’s also got a lighter clutch/flywheel. The rear drive is a rebuilt 850T unit, and the swingarm is from a Le Mans Mk 3.”


The bike is modest and nostalgic honing in on refinement as opposed to brash and bold shock value. In terms of the subdued color, Budde explains, “When I told my daughter that this is the bike I would give to her to one day, she insisted it had to be blue.” After a long search, Budde discovered a vintage Volvo blue bringing in a retro Scandinavian feel to the Italian machine.