A simple scroll through out home page and you’ll be able to tell that monochrome is definitely something we tend to gravitate towards in terms of aesthetics. So it should come no surprise that we find this incredibly sleek bike design something we needed to share. Conceptualized by Etlipo Graphic Design Studio, which was founded by independent designer eltipo, the fixed gear bicycle comes from an artistic eye that makes it visually stand out despite its minimalistic approach.


Simply dubbed “Black-White Fixie,” its concept sees the bike in two contrasting colors of black and white, as well as contrasting finished; the white portion comes with a glossy finish, while the black comes in matte. Here’s the twist though: the bike is in fact not a functioning one, but rather was constructed as a decorative piece, made specially for the “CNT DWN” pop-up shop. Either way, it’s a thing of beauty. Check out its details in the gallery above, and head here to check out more of etlipo’s work.