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These Two Artists Poke Fun at Nike’s Classic Ad Style

With the 30th anniversary of the Air Max upon us–March 26th to be exact–there’s always a healthy dosage of anticipation building up to that day for “Max Heads” around the world. In recognition of the feverish worldwide appreciation for the revolutionary sneaker design, Nike never ceases to find ways to celebrate their iconic design and the consumers who hold it in such high regard. Each year the brand seems to take it up a notch, and this year they are remaining true to form with the “Revolutionairs” design contest, as well as an interesting parody ad campaign conceived and executed by two artists, Ava Nirui and Alex Lee.


The two hilarious creatives have joined together to create a series of tongue-in-cheek campaign ads that feature several heralded Air Max silhouettes. Now, you’re probably wondering how soon the lawyers are going to get involved, but interestingly enough, the brand gave these artists full permission to parody the Air Max advertisements. The series falls in line with Nirui’s prior work in exploring the intersection of fashion and society. The images created by the two rework designs such as Air Max ’95 and ’97, with Nirui and Lee adding their artistic twists ranging from light-hearted “jabs” to a slightly darker mimicry of Nike’s unmistakable advertising style. If the fine folks over at Nike can handle a little artistic roasting of the brand, then we all can. It’s your favorite sneaker’s 30th birthday this weekend. Maxes up!