For those who have never been, Los Angeles is a big ass city. Among its many attributes, LA is a city celebrated for its celebrities, its sunshine and its nightlife, just to name just a few. However the vibe around this car-centric town is different in each individual pocket. Take it from me. As a born and bred local, I can attest that someone from the Westside, Downtown, Hollywood and the Valley, can—and many times are—of a different breed. Although we share our differences, Angelenos are all united on the wild but chill nature ingrained in us by our very city. As a look into some of the views that encapsulates the Los Angeles, check this photo series shot entirely on 35mm film.


The shots show the grimy and real side of LA. Not the glitz, not the Lawry’s steakhouses, but the armpit bars, the delis and the drug stores all throughout the city. Along with a look into some of the many faces that add to the multi-cultural identity of the City of Angeles.