Hailing from Los Angeles, Filmmaker and Photographer Jess Colquhoun set her sights on South Africa’s Durban–the country’s largest city within the province of KwaZulu-Natal–to document the burgeoning local skate scene. The results of her venture is a captivating look at the perseverance of the sport, and all the good that comes from it: unifying the people, giving them a means of creativity and entertainment, and a way to support the local community. Titled The Valley Of A Thousand Hills, the 11-minute long short documentary in collaboration with Huck magazine is as enertaining as it is educational, with features from Durban’s youth as they interview each other and present a candid look at their passion and pastime.

Accompanying the video documentary is a series of photos taken by Colquhoun that also serves to showcase through captivating images what the local skate scene looks like within the ruraL hills and villages that belongs to ancient Zulu communities. Pristine shots of the kids featured in the video, each and every photograph can be taken individually as a piece of art. The skate scene itself can be traced to Dallas Oberholzer, who helped set up Indigo Skate Camp back in 2002, which is how these kids are able to enjoy the sport today. Enjoy the video in the jump above, and then check out the accompanying images throughout.