There are two ways to appreciate a vintage classic. Either you buff it up to restore yet maintain all its original parts, effectively making the old thing new again, or you modify it to enhance what once was, into something newer and better. The latter was the case with this vintage Husqvarna 256 military motorcycle, that was crafted into the black beast it is today: the Thage. The name comes after the bike’s creator, who originally used to ride a Husqvarna 256 back in the ’70s during his military days. The service bike itself, which was produced for the Swedish Defense, were manufactured during the 1960s, where only 1000 units were ever made, making it quite the rare gem.


Without switching things up “too” much, the new iteration of the bike still retains the bike’s original front end–that classic head-lamp sporting motorbike look–while the handlebars and back section, including the seat, shocks, exhaust have been upgraded with more modern and robust components. And then there’s the paint job, which sees the Husqvarna 256 sporting a slick, all-black finish, with its dubbed named branded in stark white across the tank. The bike’s most notable features however are the two extendibly skis that drop down from both sides of the bike, giving it the ability to do sharper turns on those snowy Swedish alps. Check out the Husqvarna 256 “Thage” in all its black beauty above.