There’s something about street skating that brings on the insatiable urge to grab your board and start hitting the streets, but unless you’re as good as the pros, it’s not quite as effortless as they always make it out to be. Sure with the magic of editing, where you can sans out all of the attempt footage filled with tumbles, wipe outs and utter frustration, but when the kids do land the tricks, it’s just as smooth as a hot knife through butter, or a well-slicked grind. This kind of smooth operation is something that we at Unrated can watch for days on end, and if you’re the same, here’s on of our current favorites.


The skate filmmaker behind this particular edit dubbed Trunki is Hadrien Buhannic, who runs in the Parisian skate collective Les Bloby crew, and is known by his social handle @blobyhad. Shot on the streets of the French capitol, the video showcases the aforementioned effortless tricks and grinds from his fellow Bloby crew cohorts, namely Kevin Rodrigues, Greg Cuadrado, Hjalte Halberg, Vincent Touzery, Paul Grund, Gauthier Rouger, Oscar Candon, Roman Gonzalez and William Moneris. It’s a simple 2-minute video of smooth AF street skating–what more do you need. Check it out in the jump above.